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Public Investments lack information sharing and cooperation among monitoring bodies

Many actors participate in the process of monitoring government funded investments. Normally, they all have their specific role and responsibilities which contribute to the well-execution of the said projects. Unfortunately we came to know during our various field visits that not all parties are open to collaborate or endeavoured to share information and reports. Some of them do not know each other and their different roles. Not all of them have good working relationships.

Meanwhile some of the actors are not even actively involved in the process. This situation, according to our findings, causes that interactions between different actors are not optimally addressed and even absent in some cases, or with many latent conflicts which has a negative effect on the implementation of the public investments funded by the state budget. The biggest problem seems to be the lack of information sharing and cooperation. Sometimes a mayor does not know that a project has started in her/his village. Regularly reports which contain defections on projects are not made public. More often, people are not invited to meetings to discuss the progress of the projects. Therefore, many people are frustrated and do not have a good perception of the public ongoing affairs.

To improve this situation, WDYP is struggling to promote local platforms where all different parties can come together and discuss, share information and point out decisions to be taken. The hope is that this will enable a better collaboration and then an improvement in the execution of the public investments, both by respecting the delay and the quality of the realisations!