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Home Nos activités Animations Communautaires WDYP trains young advocators for the EITI

WDYP trains young advocators for the EITI

Projection of World Dynamics of Young People has on Friday September 4, 2015 empowered more than 20 young leaders on the importance of good governance and transparency with regards to the extractive sector, using a movie she co-realized with the Cameroonian Coalition ‘Publish What You Pay’ based on disseminating the values of the EITI in Cameroon.


A movie projection, followed by an intense debate was the order of the day of the workshop which had as main objective to empower youths on how to become active advocators for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Cameroon. The movie titled ‘Paradoxe de l’abondance’ (paradox of plenty) reflects the paradox in which our society lives in. In synopsis, the movie depicts a scene where the natural resources of a particular community are extracted yet nothing is done to ameliorate her living standards, which is contrarily to the provisions of the EITI.

As such, the workshop was organized in order to provide the youths with first hand information and to incite a debate on specific themes with regards to the shortcomings of the implementation of the EITI in Cameroon, as highlighted in the movie. It is in this light that the Executive Secretary of World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP) Dupleix Kuenzob, enlightened the youths with basic tips as far as their newly attributed task in advocating for transparency and good governance is concerned. He laid emphasis on the disclosure and nature of contracts, sub national payments and Projection of "Paradoxe de l'abondance" : Cross section of Participants watching the moviecompanies’ ownership which are the main points highlighted in the movie. According to him, ‘‘the inaccessibility to documents biding companies and the host government makes it difficult for the citizen to claim whatever right from these companies. The only option left is to corner the government so as to be enlightened on how the payments made by the companies are being managed.’’ He also reiterated the fact that ‘‘EITI reports based on the EITI 2013 standard could help citizen to be informed on the commitment of companies within the Cameroonian context’’.

In the course of a group work organized within the workshop, participants unanimously agreed on a number of suggestions to the government in order to better promote and ensure the proper implementation of the EITI in Cameroon. They recommended that the government should ensure effective decentralization by providing necessary support to councils as they exercise their administrative power especially during negotiations with extractive industries. Also, the government should vote and pass laws related to the norms of the EITI and ensure their implementation’’.

At the end of the workshop, advocacy tools were given to the trainees such as the copies of the film, copies of Cameroon EITI reports, flyers… etc., for them to carry out sensitization within and beyond their various groups and constituencies.

Projection of "Paradoxe de l'abondance" - Fabrice Pokam in the midle of the two interns: Jessica (Left) and Nelson (Right)It is worth noting that the workshop was organized to commemorate the International Youth Day that was recently celebrated on the 12th of August 2015. Since 2008, the celebration of the international youth day has served as an opportunity for WDYP to mobilize Cameroonian youths on the issues related to the EITI.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in question is an international initiative that permits and encourages member countries to check and ensure transparency and good governance as far as the management of their natural resources is concerned. Cameroon adhered to the EITI in the year 2005 and was declared a compliant country in October 2013. The workshop was planned and organized by Jessica Neh N. and Nelson Alima Essimi, interns at the World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP) and both are students from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon.

Jessica Neh NDANJI.
WDYP Intern