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The first free computer training with DMJ

On Saturday the 12th of November 2016 the first session of computer training took place in the conference hall of World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP). Half of the participants brought a laptop so that always two people could work together on the same computer.


At half past eight the Team began to introduce WDYP, subsequently, the lecturer, our German intern, introduced himself and started with the presentation of the basic functions of the computer program Microsoft Excel. The presentation has always been directly connected to practises to allow the participants to directly adopt the learned skills. The first part dealt with text formatting, simple formulas, copy and paste, absolute and relative cell references and the Sum-function.

After a short 30 minute break the intern demonstrated how to format tables, to use the filter and sorting function, to insert charts and to use conditional formatting. The participants were again able to try this with samples that they received before via email.

After another short break (in which the participants continued to work) the theme was the "If-function". This is a very advanced competence and because of the dwindling concentration the participants agreed with the presenter to continue with the functions "Countif", "Sumif" and "Vlookup" the next Saturday.

At the end the participants filled in a feedback survey and the result was very satisfying. Also, the other feedback was throughout positive: many gave thanks, Especially, the methodology to practise directly the learned skills earned a lot of good words.

On the upcoming Saturday, the seminar will be continued by WDYP with the same 25 participants. In the beginning we will review some competences and continue with the advanced functions of Excel. Afterwards we will start with PowerPoint.

The search after a fitting computer room will continue, and we hope to be able to offer already this year another seminar in a dedicated computer room.