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Public Investment budget monitoring: Youths of Belabo council on the move

Some 33 young people from various villages of Belabo council have undergone a training session on non violent communication. The skills and competences achieved will enable them to well interact with other actors engaged in the chain of public investment budget in their constituency.


One of the objectives of the training of non-violent communication (NVC) is that participants use the presented tools in practice, specifically when they follow the projects realised in the government budget. A ‘bad’ communication can easily cause conflicts, therefore it is important to use peaceful methods in order to come to solutions and to progress.

At the end of the training in Belabo, the participants developed their action plans; how to bring the new knowledge and skills into practice? In general the youth of Belabo was enthusiastic to engage themselves in monitoring several projects like construction of classrooms, roads and water facilities. While making contact and dialoguing with the actors in the field, the different methods of non-violent communication are going to be used. For example, active listening, feedback and ‘the four ears’.

One of the groups was quite progressive in the sense that they did not only want to wait for the projects proposed by the state but already proposed their own ideas. We were glad to see this initiative because to encourage local development it is important that projects corresponds to the real need of people. Therefore they should already be involved in the process of elaborating the budget by giving their priorities. Belabo is already on the good way!