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Knowledge Management Training at Trauma Centre Cameroon

Building and sustaining information and knowledge are at the heart of every organizational structure. Therefore, knowledge management instruments are keys to pinpoint and use the resources at hand.

This conviction sparked the idea of a training organized and conducted by the organization “World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP)” that was held at Trauma Centre Cameroon on February 8. Both organizations are members of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) network and are seeking to deepen the existing partnership. Mutual assistance and advantageous cooperation are fundamental pillars within the CPS network. Therefore, WDYP offered this training to Trauma Centre staff and other institutions interested in order to highlight the importance of Knowledge Management.

How can we document our work flow?  Where to start with collecting data? What is the overall use of Knowledge Management? These questions marked the scope of the seminar and were presented and answered by trainers of WDYP. The participants engaged in fruitful discussions to share their experience and to look for new ways to make use of the benefits provided by the CPS network.

After presentations and input sessions provided by WDYP, working groups met to transfer the seminar's contents into everyday working processes. Thanks to this practical method, 25 participants were able to understand the tools used for Knowledge Management, while reviewing the organizational structures and the use of Knowledge Management at their own organizations.

The overall success of the seminar was made possible thanks to the cooperation between Trauma Centre and WDYP and the interest and expertise of every participant. Similar trainings were already carried out in by WDYP 2017 and will continue to be one of WDYP's contributions within the CPS network in 2018.


Das erste kostenlose Computertraining bei DMJ

Am Samstag den 12.11.2016 fand die erste Sitzung Computerbildung in den Räumlichkeiten von Dynamique Mondiale des Jeunes statt. Die Hälfte der Teilnehmer hatte einen Laptop mitgebracht, sodass jeder in Partnerarbeit einen Computer hatte.

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The first free computer training with DMJ

On Saturday the 12th of November 2016 the first session of computer training took place in the conference hall of World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP). Half of the participants brought a laptop so that always two people could work together on the same computer.

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Les jeunes excellent sur Excel

Si l’on conçoit habituellement que le plus analphabète des citoyens est celui qui n’a aucune notion de l’outil informatique, sur le plan professionnel c’est plutôt celui qui manifeste visiblement une ignorance totale dans l’utilisation des logiciels comme Excel qui en est un. Dans l’optique de renforcer leur capacité sur la maitrise de l’outil informatique, une formation gratuite a été offerte à une vingtaine de jeunes de 15 à 25 ans par DMJ à son siège sis à Mendong, le samedi 12 novembre.

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Dynamique Mondiale des Jeunes organisiert eine kostenfreie Computerschulung

Am Samstag den 12. November startet die erste kostenfreie Unterrichtseinheit zur Computerbildung in Yaoundé, Kamerun. Der deutsche Praktikant Tom Fabian Knebel wird das Training leiten. Leider war die Organisation eines Computerraumes trotz ausreichender Mittel noch nicht erfolgreich. Die Räume sind sehr rar und deshalb schwer zu bekommen.

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