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Cooperation among youth’s movements

The Adamaoua regional branch of the Cameroon National Youths Council wants to strengthen youths of the region for them to be active and participative at local level. Reason why they are seeking a closed collaboration and cooperation with World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP).


Mr. Hamassambo Bello, the President of the regional youth’s council for the Adamaoua region in Cameroon was the invitee of World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP) on Thursday, August 28, 2014 for a one day discussion focused on a probable partnership between the two institutions. Mr. Bello was accompanied in the discussion by M. Amadou Ali, the first Financial Secretary for the national executive bureau of the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC).

The meeting which took place in WDYP’s office in Yaounde was a follow-up of an ongoing discussion in perspective of WDYP’s intervention in the Adamaoua region. The parties have yet decided on the areas of intervention. But they are unanimous on the fact that young people in the region are not actively engaged in local governance. Both parties have agreed that there is a need to deeper the reflections and research in order to identify the most relevant entry point. It has also been agreed that Mr. Bello and his regional executive will gather more information to enable a more comprehensive quick analysis of youth’s situations of his constituency. 

This exercise will also be done by Mr. Amadou Ali in the North. For the nearest future, WDYP will undertake a field visit in the Adamaoua region for another round of meeting. At the end, a pilot action research may be carried out for a participative context analysis which will result to an identification of the various domain of intervention. This cooperation under construction among youth’s movement in Cameroon, said Mr. Hamassambo Bello, is a sign that young people are willing to move forward with their involvement and participation in local development within the current trend of decentralization. M. Dupleix Kuenzob the Executive Secretary and Fabrice Pokam the person in charge of Communication and mobilization desk were representing WDYP in the absence of the chair lady, Caroline Yankep. They were assisted by Jacky Mouna, an intern.

Previously, WDYP has been cooperating with CNYC in other Regions like the Centre, South and East where members of Youth’s local councils are empowered in various capacities. As results, many of young people are engaged in investment budget monitoring in their localities.